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Plotting, Reprographic and Shipping

Standard plotting/printing:

ADI’s standard drafting format pricing includes (1) set of 36” x 24” shop drawings plotted on reproducible, transparent bond media.

When engineering services are performed the structural calculations are sent in 8 ½” x 11” bond media suitable for copying on a typical office copier.  Extra original, stamped cover sheets are also provided for use in submittals.  If stamped drawings are required then extra copies of sheet #1 with original engineer stamps are included.

If the job is quoted then the quotation will specifically note this information.

Plotting/printing for revisions are charged as a separate line item on the invoice.

Standard shipping:

ADI’s standard drafting format pricing includes shipping via UPS ground to your office from our offices.  If you are within a 200 mile radius of Norfolk, Virginia this usually results in a next day delivery but is not guaranteed to be next day.  We can supply tracking numbers via email, fax or phone if requested.

Shipping for revisions is charged as a separate line item on the invoice.

Optional plotting and reprographic services (available upon request):

  1. 17” x 11” size bond drawings.  Please note:  This is a reduced size set of drawings, not a half size/scale set of drawings.

  2. Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format electronic file drawings.  Please note:  These drawings are delivered via Internet FTP (file transfer protocol) and instructions are included for those not familiar with the process.

Current sheet prices include (1) set of 36” x 24” drawings in reproducible bond format.  You can choose to receive (1) set of 17” x 11” drawings in reproducible bond format in lieu of the 36” x 24” drawings at no added charge.

For quoted projects:  Indicate what format(s) you would like to receive the finished shop drawings in and they will be included in the quoted price and noted specifically within the quotation.  Our default service remains 36” x 24” reproducible bond sheets

Initial plots (for extra sets or for plotting revised sheets):
36” x 24”, $10.00 per sheet
17” x 11”, $4.00 per sheet

Copies (for submittals, field, shop and record copies):
36” x 24”, $3.00 per sheet
17” x 11”, $2.00 per sheet

Adobe (.pdf) drawing files:  Prices include uploading to the FTP site and sending a link to your email for download.  Files can be downloaded multiple times by anyone who has the link.  Files stay on the FTP site for at least one week after upload.

$2.00 per sheet, minimum charge $35.00

Optional shipping services (available upon request):

UPS 2nd day air standard and saver
UPS next day air early AM, standard and saver

The cost of these optional shipping methods will vary due to weight of packages.  When pricing optional shipping, we deduct the price of the standard shipping so you only pay the difference.


Accurate also has the capability to send .plt (AutoCAD plot files) to the customer or to a local reprographic company that the customer uses.  This service is charged at an hourly rate with a one hour minimum.  Files are delivered via FTP server with an email link.  This method is not recommended since it usually does not save time.  ADI will need to know specific plotter settings from the customer and/or reprographic company  in order to generate the .plt files. 

The best way to get your drawings quickly is to let Accurate do all the plotting and shipping.  If you need drawings ASAP we recommend the use of the Adobe .pdf file option shown above.


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